Based on our extensive experience in the installation of metal building framing components, metal roofing, wall sheeting and metal trim, LaFave’s found its niche in the Retro-Fit roofing market and has grown into a leading Retro-Fit metal roofing contractor.

Retro-Fit roofing is a construction process designed to eliminate damaging water leaks caused by a flat roof. Angled light gage steel framing components are erected over the old roof to create a sloped roof condition that provides adequate water runoff. The result is an attractive, leak-free, durable metal roof that enhances the overall look of the structure while providing trouble-free service for many years to come.

For Retro-Fit projects, we work with a diverse team of architects and engineers specializing in providing services for the metal roofing industry in order to add value to commercial, industrial, government, or institutional metal roofing projects, either proposed or existing. We provide engineering, plans and specifications, contractor consultation and/or forensic investigations that will yield a metal roof product that satisfies all codes, regulations, and industry standards, as well as provides a satisfactory roof product to the building owner.

Existing Slope

Give your current building a roof makeover with one of our many options of color, design plus customizing approach.

Benefits to cover your existing roof with a new metal roof will pay dividends for 30 to 50 years.

  • More Solar reflectant
  • More life to the structure
  • Less, if any, maintenance
  • Added esthetic appeal
  • No more roof leaks

Flat to Slope Roofing System

LaFave Metal Roofing systems adds slope to existing flat roofing structures. This provides:

  • More energy efficient
  • More life to the structure
  • More Up-to-date design
  • Less, if any, maintenance
  • No more ponding water on building
  • No more roof leaks