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Metal Roofs the Best Value of All Roofing Options

At LaFave’s, we know that choosing a metal roof comes with high expectations.

Ducker International, a Detroit-based research organization that specializes in construction materials, conducted a study that illustrates just how high those expectations are:

  • Study participants said they expect metal roofs to last 40 years – 17 years longer than built-up and 20 years longer than single-ply systems.
  • Life cycle cost of a metal roof, including outlays for maintenance, were expected to be about 30 cents a square foot per year, significantly less the 37 cents for built-up roofs and 57 cents for single-ply roofs.

Always Exceeding Expectations

No matter how high the expectations, LaFave’s metal roofs always exceed them and provide our customers with a guaranteed savings over the life of their metal roof.

The Ducker International Survey further illustrates the value of a metal roof.

Little Maintenance

Metal roofs require little to no regular maintenance. Consequently, owners of metal roofs said they spent less than four percent of the total installed cost on maintenance compared to 29 percent by owners of built-up roofs and 19 percent by owners of single-ply roofs.

Low Life Cycle Costs

Life cycle costs for metal roofs, unlike those for built-up and single-ply, are consistent across all major commercial construction categories, including office, retail, institutional and industrial.

No Leaks

Ducker found none of the metal roofs in their study leaked due to material failure compared to 30 percent of the built-up roofs and 56 percent of the single-ply roofs. The metal roofs studied were more than ten years old and had an average size of 92,000 square feet. Typical metal roofs analyzed were 24-gauge standing seam roofs that used standard fasteners and a PVDF coating, while built-up roofs were typically 3 – 4 ply and single-ply roofs were made of 45 mil, non-reinforced membrane.

Energy Savings

The study did not include potential energy cost savings resulting from the use of a reflective roof system with adequate insulation. These savings could lower the expected life cycle cost of a metal roof by an additional 8 to 10 cents per square foot, depending upon the region of the country, building function and insulation thickness.

Customer Satisfaction

Owners and property managers reported the highest level of satisfaction with the “value for price paid” for their metal roofs. In line with the owner/manager satisfaction rating, metal roofs also topped the field in terms of customer loyalty. When asked if they would use the same roofing material in the future, 92 percent of the metal roof owners surveyed said they would, compared to 46 percent of the built-up roof owners and 58 percent of the single-ply roof owners.

Explore our website and take a look at our sample pricing sheet to learn more about the value of a LaFave’s metal roof.

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