Hanford-Dole Elementary School In Progress

Hanford-Dole Elementary School in Salisbury, NC requested a 85,000 sq. ft. retrofit metal roof. The images and video captured were from the metal roof panels being delivered and hoisted onto the roof with a crane. This is an affordable solution for schools and commercial buildings who have damage or continual maintenance costs and cannot afford to […]

7 Myths About Using a Metal Retrofit Roof

Myth #1: It’s Too Expensive Fact: LOWEST LIFE-CYCLE-COST OF ALL ROOFS Metal roofs have a significantly longer expected service life than either built-up roofing or single-ply roofs, according to a 2004 study of low slope roofing conducted by Ducker International, a Detroit-based research organization that specializes in construction materials. Myth #2: Too Noisy Fact: ADDED INSULATION, […]

Why Metal Roofing is Your Best Roofing Solution

Originally printed as A Long-Term Solution by Chuck Howard, P.E. A recent article published in the Mt. Airy News, Mt. Airy, N.C., covered a retreat taken by the Dobson, N.C.-based Surry County Schools (SCS) board. During this retreat, it was reported by Robert Draughn, maintenance director for SCS, that the Raleigh-based North Carolina State Department […]